Currently, the majority of the development that goes into these projects occurs during the evenings after my children have gone to bed. While I have the good fortune to work at a job where I can share my passion for robotics with my students, I can only dedicate a small portion of my work week to teaching technology. I already work with teachers and students outside my school in the following ways:
  • I volunteer to teach workshops at the Alaska Society for Technology in Education conference.
  • I am a robotics instructor for the Alaska Summer Research Academy.
  • I teach students from other schools at Twindly Bridge during the evenings.
  • I'm in the process of lining up a class through Makerspace Anchorage that will start in January.

If you're a STEM supporter, and find what I do of value to our community, you can support my efforts in any of the following ways.


Donations would allow me to do the following:

  • Reduce the cost of my latest project-the Nano Mouse. Currently it costs about $100 plus shipping (from a variety of sources) to build a Nano Mouse. $1000 to $2000 would allow me to start a revolving fund to purchase supplies in bulk.
  • Subsidize the cost of the robots that students take home.
  • Purchase a 5x5 Micromouse maze with regulation size cells (about $1000).
  • Development of future projects (see future projects for more details)
    • Robocup Jr. soccer robot
    • Smart Sumo bot
    • Bird house weather station
    • Home monitoring system
    • Subduino
  • Purchase a 3D printer for development of future projects and to allow me to provide frames and other components to anyone (currently I rely on Twindly Bridge Charter School's 3D printer, and am therefore unable to provide components to the general public).
Before donating large sums, please contact me. Otherwise, just let me know how you'd like me to spend your money.


While I'm willing to volunteer on occasion, I'd much rather be paid. If you're in a position to pay me to offer a workshop, please contact me.

I'm also looking for full time employment as a STEM educator. Although I'm glad to work at Twindly Bridge, I'd love to spend more of my time sharing my hobby with students and/or designing curriculum/projects for students. I have several ideas I'd love to develop into projects for students.

3D Printing

Currently, I print all the frames for the Nano Mouse using Twindly Bridge's 3D printer. Thankfully, our principal Gerald Finkler has been very generous with respect to allowing me to use the printer for anything that is loosely tied to education and/or professional development. Nevertheless, I can't print Nano Mouse frames for just anyone. If you have a 3D printer, and would be willing help me print frames as well as other robotics components, please contact me.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have never taken an engineering class, nor have I taken a regular computer science class. I'm fairly certain there are a number of ways these projects could be improved. If you have any ideas, please share.