Speed Run Tips

  • First and foremost, you need to get back to the starting cell, and you need to make sure you've found the shortest route to the target. By swapping the starting and target cells, your robot will automatically try to find a shorter route back. This will add to the robot’s knowledge of the maze and should allow it to find the shortest path to the target cell during the speed run.
  • Next, have your robot make a virtual run to the target cell and keep track of the decisions it makes using a String object. It can neglect the first and last movements which you know will both be forward.
  • For a simple speed run you can think about moving from the border between one set of cells to the border between the next (instead of from the center of one cell to the next). You can then simply program three different types of movement: veer left, veer right, and forward.
  • For a more complex speed run, look for patterns in your movements. For example, if you have three forwards in a row, you could program your robot to go faster. If you have a left and then a right turn, you could program your robot to travel diagonally.