Since August of 2018 I have worked hard to create my own Moodle server so that I could provide all the benefits that come with having a learning management system. Now I can  create dynamic content such as quizzes and troubleshooters and I can quickly track student progress by scanning QR codes using my GradeQR plugin and app. Best of all, it allows me to support other educators interested in using my curriculum with their students by providing them with access to all the aforementioned resources. To learn more, go to https://learn.akrobotnerd.com and login to any course as a guest.

I have also worked with the University of Alaska in Anchorage to offer professional development credit to teachers for working through my Build and Program Games with Arduino course during the Spring 2020 semester. The course is 1 credit, tuition is $79, and there is a materials fee of $37.90 (I will send you an ATtiny84/85 Programmer kit, a Tug-o-War kit, and a Simon Says kit). Those of you with a minimal amount of prior programming experience should expect to spend around 15 hours programming and building. Expect to spend a few more hours responding to writing prompts on a forum and reading and responding to peers' posts. You will need your own soldering supplies to complete these projects (if you don't have a soldering iron, see my recommendations at https://learn.akrobotnerd.com/soldering-supplies). I will provide support via online meetings at least once a week as needed and you can always email me questions. If you are interested, contact me ASAP via https://learn.akrobotnerd.com/contact

If you are looking for the Artificial Intelligence with Arduinos video tutorials that walk you through how to build and program a maze solving mouse, I've moved them into a course within https://learn.akrobotnerd.com